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                         From Simple Polyester to the Glam of Sequin            

                            Table Linens to fit any budget and Style 


Tablecloths, Napkins, Table Runners, Overlays, Charger Plates, Wedding Linen                                        and Decor and so much more.

                     We have everything you need to throw a Fabulous Event !!


 Polyester is an efficient and economical choice for a tablecloth; it can easily be used at weddings, trade shows, showrooms, events, or even your home! Made from 100% tough polyester, our tablecloths are a durable material that is easy to maintain. An advantage to using Polyester is that it's extremely versatile and can be dressed up for an ultimate glam event, dressed down for a shabby-chic rustic wedding, and can even be used as a clean and modern look for a minimalist event! Pair with any texture, such as Organza or Satin Rosette, to enhance your event decor

 colors  white ,black,ivory,champagne,grey,cornflower blue ,royal blue,  navy blue,eggplant,blush ,coral ,marsala,apple red,

              nude, hunte,r green ,purple,,lilac ,auqua ,mint green ,sage green,yellow, chocolate , baby pink ,baby blue 

                                                                                     and many other colors as well 


Complete the look of your special day with our Satin Tablecloths! Our Satin Tablecloths are the epitome of class and elegance for any sophisticated event. Satin has a gorgeous sheen surface that beautifully reflects light to show off the unique folds and draping, creating a truly unique romantic atmosphere. Best of all, satin is a versatile fabric that can be paired with any other solid or textured fabric and still maintain a cohesive look at your wedding or event!

  colors white ,black,ivory,champagne,silver ,gold ,pewter ,,cornflower blue ,royal blue, navy blue,eggplant,blush ,coral ,marsala,

          apple red,nude, hunte,r green ,purple,,lilac ,auqua ,mint green ,sage green,yellow, chocolate , baby pink ,baby blue
                                                                                    and many other colors as well 


  Make your wedding or event sparkle with our solid round Glitz Sequin Table Linens ! This premium table linen is the popular,     must-have table runner you've seen everywhere and now it's ready to add a dash of dazzling luxury to your next event, too

Lush Velvets


 -90 " round                      6.00

- 108 "round                     8.00

- 120 " round      6'r         10.00 floor lnth

 -72x120                            8.00

 Table runner                  4 .00

 -90x 132     6'                 10.00 floor lnth

- 90x156      8'                12.00  floor lnth

 20 x 20 napkin              .45 each 


-90 " round                             6.00
- 108 "round                           10.00
- 120 " round           6'r           12.00 floor lnth
- 132" round             7'r           14.00 floor lnth
 -90x 132                  6'            10.00 floor lnth

 -90x156                   8'            12.00 floor lnth

 Table runner          108"          3.00 

 20X20 napkin                           .50 each

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